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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Selasa, 7 dis 2010..... gi tgk teater 'NATRAH' dgn 3 org adik2 hasil ihsan 2 keping tiket dr FINAS and 2 tiket gune duet sendiri ler...hohohoh.....sungguh mengujakan....dh lame x gi tgk teater selepas tgk Sri Mersing....lama lah sgt....hihihihihi...yg bestnyer...tup2 jumper Dafi and YB Balik Pulau....cayalah... cite not bad....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The best things that can ever happen to u

by We Are Waiting For SS3 (♪~20-crystal~♫).....

Its been a while since u come back to korea as u have been living in usa with your aunts for the past few years. But now u have move back to stay in korea with your parents.

One day your parents left a letter for u on the table before they went for a holiday in japan,they told u a biggest secret that u will nvr beileve that it is true.

"______ i have something to tell u.Me and your mother have kept a secret from u cause we all want to protect u. U have a brother and he is a member of super junior. He is (any member of suju) .We didn't tell u this before because your brother one to protect u from the fans so u can have a good study and life here in korea. But since me and your mother are going for a trip,we decide to let you stay at your brother dorm and sment company have already agree cause the manger of the company is my best friend. Hope u will understand what me,your mother and your brother have did to protect u. The car that will bring u to their dorm will come later at 3pm. Love,your ahpa"

After reading the letter,u were totally shock.

"What??'" U began to think about what your parents had wrote in the letter. " ____ (your sec bias in suju) oppa is my brother,my real brother!!" U can believe what happen cause u love super junior ever since the day they debut and now your parents have told u that _____ oppa which is your second bias in super junior is your blood related brother. You don't know what to do next. You always have been hoping one of the members in super junior is your real brother but u have never ever think of this will really happen in real life. U really don't know what to do and some more u are going to stay at their dorm for the next few months. U kept on thinking,if u are going to stay at super junior dorm,u are going to see your oppa,the other super junior members and also _____( your bias of super junior) oppa that u like in super junior. U can't believe u are going to see them in real life and also going to stay under the same house as them.
Suddenly while u are thinking,the door bell rang,u open the door and saw the car driver that have been told by the manger of super junior to bring u to their dorm. Without knowing and believe what really happen,u went to pack your bag and follow the car driver to their dorm. On your way to their dorm,u were thinking about what will happen when u were there.

Soon,u have reach.You left the car and went up the building to the level you were told to your oppa dorm. U press the door bell while your heart was beating fast as u think about _____ oppa. Just then,the door open and u saw.................

Just then,the door open and u saw _______ oppa (your bias in suju).

U totally don't know what to do,this is the first time u see him up so close.Even though u been to their concert before for many time but this is still the first time seeing ______oppa (your bias in suju) up so close.

"So u must be _____ (your name) right?? Hyung younger sister?? " _____ oppa (your bias in suju) asked you.

'Omg,u were thinking in your mind,______ oppa (your bias in suju) is talking to me,u don't know what to say but u still reply him back even though u were very shy.'

"Erm,yeah...... I am oppa" u reply,just after saying that, you can feel your face started turn red as u saw that ____ oppa is talking and standing just infront of u.When u started thinking that u can stay in the same house as him,u can't stop but feel very nervous inside your heart.

_____oppa also notice that your face is starting to turning red so he faster invite u in the dorm as he thought that u might feel very warm outside but he had never ever thought of why your face is turning red because of him.

______oppa side of story (your bias)

Today is the day that me and the members are taking our photo shots for our new album. I went back to the dorm early that day as i had finished taking my photo for the album. Before i go home,hyung told me that his younger sister is coming to our dorm for a stay for a few months.I wonder how is his sister look like???

Soon,i reach home and seat down after turning on my television. Suddenly,i heard the bell rang.Maybe its hyung sister outside so i went over to open it.Once i open it,i saw a young,cute and pretty girl standing outside the door.She looks totally beautiful to me and my heart just can't stop but beat fast when i saw her.

"So u must be _____ (your name) right?? Hyung younger sister?? " i asked her.

She reply me back but in a very shy tone, but that look totally cute to me.

Suddenly,i noticed her face started to turn red,i wonder if the weather outside was hot so i faster invite her in the house so that she will nt feel so warm.

I kept on thinking in my mind. Why is my heart just can't stop beating faster once i saw her.What is happening to me?? I have never even felt this way before.Maybe.......just maybe i have fallen for her already.Is this what call love at first sight???

Back to your side of story

When ______ oppa invite me in,i started looking around the house.I wondered where i am going to sleep today??

Just then _____oppa offered to give me a tour around the house.I was shy but gladly accepted it.I notice there is 8 room in the whole house that means that 2 persons are going to stay in each room.Oppas are sharing their room according to their couple name. Eunhae,Yewook,KyuMin,KangTeuk,SiBum,HanChul and Shindong oppa all by himself.Henry oppa and zhoumin oppa was sharing a room together too.I wondered who i am going to share the room with??

Soon the tour was over and me and _____oppa sat in the sofa,watching television. Soon the door bell rang again. Upon hearing the door bell.your face began to lit up as u can finally see your brother after such a long time. U just can't wait to see him again. Then u saw the others members coming in from the front door.

"_______" u hear your name been called. U were wondering who was the one calling your name.

"_______,its oppa.Can u still remember me???" Just then you saw ______Oppa (your real brother) calling u.

"_______ oppa!!" (Your real brother from suju) u went up to him at started looking at him.Just then u felt that your eyes was watery and slowly your tears started to drop.

"Silly girl,stop crying already.If u stop crying,all of us will go and eat ice-cream together??"

Upon hearing the word ice-cream,u stop crying already and a bright smile lit up from your face cause u like eating ice-cream and also thinking that u can have ice-cream with the super junior members,u just can't stop but smile.Just then,_____oppa (your real brother in suju) hug u.

"Its been a long time since i saw you already and now u have become a very cute and beautiful person." Even though u just know not long before that _____ oppa (your real brother in suju) is your blood related brother but he is still a super junior members and u can't stop but blush on your face.

"Hyung,lets all go down and eat ice-cream okays to cheer my sister up." (your real brother in suju) say

"Can we just send 2 person down to buy the ice-cream cause we are very tired." (one of the member in suju)

"Yeah,hyung.Lets use scissors,paper,stone to decide who go down to buy.The 2 losers will go down to buy the ice-cream okays." (another member in super junior) reply from the kitchen.

Soon we start playing the game and end up that u were one of the loser in the game so u have to go down to buy the ice-cream with another oppa.You were wondering who will go with u and were hopping in your heart that _____oppa (your bias in suju) could go with you.

"Ya,it set then,_____oppa (your bias) will go down with _____(your name) to buy the ice-cream." (one of the member say)

"What!!!" u were thinking inside your heart,______Oppa (your bias) is going to buy it with me,just the 2 of us???

"Erm....oh,Ne. What ice-cream do u all want to eat??? _____oppa (your bias) ask the others members while u write it down on a piece of paper.

Soon u 2 were walking alone on the dark road together.Since you just move in and don't know the road well,_____oppa(your bias) lead the road.

Since its was already dark as its was about 9 o'clock in the night, you accidentally step on rocks and almost fall down but luckily a pair of hands held u from your back.

"Be careful okays,did u hurt yourself??? Oh,your leg is bleeding already,think its been cut by the rock.Let me get u to the store to buy some plaster for your leg first before going to buy their ice-cream but for now hold on to me first okays.I don't you to hurt yourself any more." ______oppa say while looking at your leg.

"Erm......i am still okay oppa,u can don't..........." you haven finish your sentence and just then _____Oppa (your bias) held your hand and put it around his shoulder and u can feel that his other hand was at your wrist.

"Better listen to oppa okays" after saying,he gave you smirk that can kill u just at the spot.

"Erm....Ne oppa" u reply in a shy tone...................

______oppa side of story (your bias)

So me and ______ (your name) were send down to buy ice-cream for the others members cause the both of us had lost for the game.Actually,i lost the game on purpose cause i want to go down with ____ (your name) to buy the ice-cream.I know that its already 9pm in the night and the road will surly be very dark so i want to stay by her side to protect her.I don't know why i thought that way but once i saw her,i just can't help but wanting to stay by her side and protect her forever.I was thinking why i felt this way to _____ (your name) when suddenly i hear her say ouch.I saw her almost falling down so i immediately rise out both my hands and caught hold of her in case she hurt herself more.

"Be careful okays,did u hurt yourself??? Oh,your leg is bleeding already,think its been cut by the rock.Let me get u to the store to buy some plaster for your leg first before going to buy their ice-cream but for now hold on to me first okays.I don't you to hurt yourself any more." I say while looking at her leg,if only i walk in front of her,she will nt hurt herself,i hope i was the one that was injured and not her.

"Erm......i am still okay oppa,u can don't..........." I don't know what i was doing but i automatically held her hand and rest it on my shoulder while my another hand place it at her wrist.

Back to your side of story

So just like that,_____ oppa( your bias) help me to the store to get some plaster for my bleeding cuts on my leg.Oppa also brought a bottle of water to wash up the cuts first before placing the plaster on it.

"Its going to hurt a bit so if its hurt,let me know right away okays?? =D"

"Ne oppa"

And then slowly,oppa pour the water on the cuts of my leg to wash away the bleed first den use a tissue to help you dry up the cuts then slowly place the plaster on it.

U just can't stop looking at ____ Oppa(your bias) while he help u to treat your leg,even thought its hurt alot before but now its seem like its does not hurt anymore.

"Its all done now... ^^ Now we can go and buy ice-cream for the both of us and also not forgetting the others members that is at the dorm nw.Does your leg still hurts??? Think i better give u a piggy ride to the ice-cream shop or else your brother will start to scold me for taking good care of u.... =D" after saying that,u saw him squatting down on the floor and waited for u to get up.

"Huh??? what???" u were thinking inside your heart,_____oppa (your bias) want to give me a piggy ride???

"What are u waiting for _____(your name)??? Faster get up nw or else I am going to be angry already"______oppa (your bias) suddenly say.

"Erm.....Ne oppa" and u faster get up cause u don't one ____Oppa (your bias) to get angry of u. U still can't believe that u are actually having a piggy ride on ____ Oppa (your bias) and u started to blush......

Soon both of u reach the ice-cream and ____Oppa (your bias) brought you your favorite type of ice-cream before buying the rest of the ice-cream for them.After eatting,u guys headed back to the dorm with ___Oppa (your bias) still giving u a piggy ride all the way back to the dorm.

In your head,u were thinking that in just one night,u have gone much more closer to ____oppa (your bias) already.

You didn't know that ______Oppa (your bias) were thinking the same things as u too..........

Its was not long before u guys reach back to the dorm.Once both of u reach the dorm,all the others members of super junior dash up to u guys for the ice-cream.Haha,u kept on laughing non-stop as u think that oppas are all so cute,acting like a children when it come to ice-cream.

"_____( your name),u hurt your leg??? When did u hurt it?? Did _____ (your bias) bully u while u 2 went to buy the ice-cream,if he did let me know,oppa will help u to get this guy." ______(your oppa in suju) say it after he notices that u have a plaster on your leg.

"Aniyo oppa,i accidentally trip by a rock and fell.If _____oppa (your bias) have nt been there,i might injured myself even more badly. Really,its not ____ Oppa (your bias) fault." u reply back immediately cause u don't want ____oppa(your bias) to be scolded by your oppa for he has done nothing wrong.

While the rest of the members in super junior is busy eating ice-cream,u and ____oppa(your bias) was sitting side by side,next to each other at the conner watching the others since the both of u have already ate it on the way back.The was a totally awkward silence between the both of u cause u didn't know what to say.Suddenly ____oppa(your bias) broke the silence with a question.

"Erm.....so are u a fans(elf) of us????'

"Ne,oppa.I am a elf ever since you guys debut."

"Oh,thats good to hear.Which member do u like in the group other then your brother??"

"Erm....my bias in the group is u oppa......u are the first person who caught my eye ever since the first time i saw u guys on the televison."

"Oh...well that good..^^ haha. Great to know that i am your bias in the group... =D Promise me u will nvr ever like another member as your bias other then me okay???' after saying it,he start rubbing your head and messing up your hair. U blush.....

"Ne oppa,that i can promise and i will always be your fans forever...^^" u reply back with a bright smile on your face...^^

______oppa side of story (your bias)

I piggy ride _____(your name) all the way home...^^ That made me felt very good,she was so light.How i wish that i can piggy ride and take care of her forever.....

______ (your bias) ,why does u keep having this kind of thought......

Soon the both of us reaching the dorm and once we get in from the door,all the members come dashing up to us for the ice-cream..^^ Some time,i think that my brothers are so cute,haha.

Me and ______(your name) sat at a conner of the dorm cause we have already ate our ice-cream.The both of didn't talk cause we don't know what to talk about so i decide to start a chat with her first.

"Erm.....so are u a fans(elf) of us????'

"Ne,oppa.I am a elf ever since you guys debut."

"Oh,thats good to hear.Which member do u like in the group other then your brother??"I hope that she say that her bias is me...^^

"Erm....my bias in the group is u oppa......u are the first person who caught my eye ever since the first time i saw u guys on the televison.

Once i hear that she say that her bias in the group is me,i can't help but smile.I don't know why but i felt so happy after knowing it,that means that she like me the most in the group,maybe.....just maybe i have a chance........

ah......._____(your bias) stop day dreaming already,maybe she have a crush or a boyfriend or something like that already.....

"Oh...well that good..^^ haha. Great to know that i am your bias in the group... =D Promise me u will nvr ever like another member as your bias other then me okay???' i don't know why but after saying that my hands starting rubbing at her hair,haha.Her hair become so messy but her hair was just so soft ..^^ I don't know why but after i started the conversation,we started to chat even more and get to know each other better,oh wait is i get to know her better cause she knows lots about me already

Back to your side of story

We were busy chatting when suddenly one of the oppa (any members in super junior) ask a question .

"Its going to be sleeping time soon but who is _____(your name) going to share the room with tonight??" after oppa(any member) say that all of the members look at me.

"Erm......i also don't know,i fine any where i sleep....really.Since shingdong oppa is the only oppa without a room-mate,i guess i will have to share the room with him."

"Aniyo!!!" all of them speak up at the same time and even the same pitch too,haha.So cute... =D
"Erm........oh i guess nt then" u say while smiling...... ^^

"Guess we have to do what we always do.....^^ Let play a game scissors,paper,stone again and the winner will share the room with ____(your name)" One of the members say.

"Actually ____(your name) can share the room with me cause i am her brother...." oppa(your brother) say but the rest of the members were already preparing to start the game and no body even care about listening to him.

Since u have nothing to do but can only wait,u went to your bag and took out your ipod/mp3 while sit comfortably on the sofa listening to kpop music while the others oppa were playing.......and slowly,u didn't realize that u have fell asleep while listening to music and all the noise made by oppas as u were too tired after such a long day.

............As the sunlight shone brightly through the curtain,u slowly open your eyes .....U were still rubbing your eyes while looking around the room........

Suddenly u notice that u were in the room tat u have nvr been before and u were starting to talk to yourself....."Wait what in the world happen,where in the world am i.I remember that i was sitting in the living room,listening to my music on my ipod while the others oppa are playing a game on deciding who am i going to share the room with but how in the world did i end up in this room......" U were thinking why u were in the room when u hear a voice calling u but your back,u turn around and saw _____oppa(your brother) standing at the door.

"Oh so u are awake already,did u sleep well last night??"_____oppa(your brother) say while using a towel to dry his hair.

"Erm....ya i did oppa but how in the world did i end up in here?? Did u know why???" U were still curious so u decide to ask ____Oppa(your brother instead.

"Oh that..........actually....."Oppa haven manage to finish his sentence when ____oppa(any members in suju) cooked u and your oppa name from the kitchen.

"Its time for breakfast already,____(your name),____oppa(your brother) and the others members come out and eat now....^^"

So u immediately went to wash up your face and took a bath before u join the others oppa at the living room to have breakfast.U were thinking,its been over one day already but u still can't believe that u were really staying at super junior dorm,u get to see your brother after such a long time,all the super junior members and also not forgetting _____ oppa(your bias).Soon you are all done with the breakfast and end up that u have to wash all the dishes cause the super junior oppa have another places to go to and they are almost running late.

"_____(your name) we have a seclude later on so can u stay alone at the house,we will be back home once we are done and will reach home when its night time so u don't have to wait for us to have dinner and lunch together okays and remember to sleep early tonight ."____oppa(your brother) say while he was wearing his shoes.

"Ne oppa,i will remember it,see you guys tonight again...."

"Ne,see u tonight....^^" _____oppa(your bias) say while and gave u a killing smile.U were shock and almost faint due to it but u still manage to smile back to him.

Once oppas are gone,the whole house became so quiet,u went back to the room still wondering who your roommate is.U look around the room,looking at the stuff of the mystery oppa that share the room with u.Just then a though came into your mind,u feel like going to _____oppa(your bias) room to check out the things he have in the room but u didn't know which one is his...........

As u gt nth to do,u took out your laptop and starting playing the online game that u always play........Time past so fast and soon its was already evening.U have not even ate your lunch cause u were too concentrated on the games.

So u went to the kitchen,looking for food to eat,and went back to the games.........playing all those games make u bored already and u don't feel like eating dinner as u were too full so u went to sleep even though it was only 9pm.............

Times past by..................................

Suddenly u felt thirsty and want to get a drink,as the room was very dark,u can't see clearly and u accidentally hit onto something and fell.

"Hmmmm......what happen ____(your name" u were shock to hear a voice,the voice seem so familiar.Just then the light was on,u were blinking your eyes as the light was too bright.When your eyes are use to the lights again,u saw someone.......and the person is ____oppa (your bias).

"Erm....why are u here _____oppa(your bias) and sorry to wake up you up,i was trying to get a drink in the kitchen but as the room was very dark and i can't see clearly i accidentally hit somethings and fell.So sorry oppa."U reply back but still very confuse.

"Haha,i see.Well u are in mine and ____(your bias roommate) room.U are to sharing the room with me until the day your go back home.Since u are thirsty i will help u get your drink so wait here while i get it for u.But are still okay,nid my help to get up??" he rise his hand in-front to help u up.

"Erm,ne oppa"U slowly stand up with the help of ____oppa(your bias) and waiting for your drink but u were still confuse of what had happen...........

______Oppa(your bias) side of story

Me and the others members were busy playing to find out who is ____(your name) sharing the room with for the rest of her stay here.I was hoping that i was the one sharing it with her and its turns out that my wish were true.I won the game in the end and i am the one that is going to share the room with her.

"_____(your name) u are going to share the room with.........oh,she is sleeping already.Lets keep our voice down okays...^^"

When we all turn to look at her we notice that she has fallen asleep already.She must be tired after such a long day but she look like a sleeping beauty,so cute...^^

"_____(your bias) my sis is going to share the room with u but u better don't do anything bad to her okays,or else u will get it from me,u understand." Hyung warned me first before i walk over to _____(your name) and carry her in my arms and bring her back to mine and _____(your bias roommate) room._______ hyung (your bias roommate) have to share the room with shindong oppa who was having the room on his own but nt from now on.

I gently place ___(your name) down on my bed as i was scare that i might woke her up from her sleep.I watch her closely.She just look totally cute to me when she was sleeping,i can't stop myself but move forward and gave her a kiss on her forehead. I turn off the light and went to sleep on hyung bed.

Its been the next day already and i woke up early as always.I saw that ______(your name) was still sleep,what a sleepy head she is...haha.I went to wash up myself and went to join the others members in the living room for breakfast.Soon ____(your name) was awake and was ready to eat breakfast with us.We have such a yummy breakfast and end up she was the one who have to wash the dishes.I really want to help her but we have to rush off for seclude already._______(your name) send us off at the door.Hyung was talking to her.

"Ne oppa,i will remember it,see you guys tonight again...."

"Ne,see u tonight....^^" I reply back and gave her a smile.Its seem like she didn't know that i kiss her yesterday night,that was close and we left.

Time past by.............

After such a tiring day,we are back to our dorm,wash up myself and went back to my room._____(your name) was already sleeping.I quickly climb back to my bed when i heard that ____(your name) was waking up.I quickly pretend to be asleep already...:P

Just then i hear a loud noise as if something or someone have fall down.

"Hmmmm......what happen ____(your name)" I quickly added.I think that i have scare her by my voice cause once the lights is off,its hard to see anymore and i don't think she notice that i was back already.I went to the switch and turn on the lights.She was blinking her eyes as the light was too bright,how cute.

"Erm....why are u here _____oppa(your bias) and sorry to wake up you up,i was trying to get a drink in the kitchen but as the room was very dark and i can't see clearly i accidentally hit somethings and fell.So sorry oppa." Haha,so she still don't know that she is sharing the room with me.

"Haha,i see.Well u are in mine and ____(your bias roommate) room.U are to sharing the room with me until the day your go back home.Since u are thirsty i will help u get your drink so wait here while i get it for u.But are still okay,nid my help to get up??" i rise my hand to help her up and after that i to the kitchen to get her a drink.

_____(your brother) side of story

I saw everything that night.I was worried about ____(your name) so i decide to check on their room,when i went there,i notice that the door was nt lock and then i saw ____(your bias) rest ____(your name) on the bed,and then i saw him kiss her. How can it be______(your bias) like my sis??? _____(your name) bias in the group is also him.

Could it be that they both fall in love each other but both of them don't know???

Back to your story

_______(oppa) your bias help me to get a drink.Then he explain all the things that have happend.

Huh??? so i have been sharing the room with oppa all the time.Why didn't i think of that before...........

"Lets better go back to sleep now okays?? Its very late now already??" He reply back,i guess oppa is feeling sleepy already after such a tiring day he have.

"Ne oppa........."

Time past by so fast,its already been one month since i move in to stay with super junior oppa.I have know them better and also got lots closer with them.Including ____oppa(your bias).Super Junior oppa have been very busy now as they have lots of seclude even since their new album come out.In a few more weeks its going to SS3 concert in korea already.

You have been to every of their rehearse for the concert.They were be performing lots of songs on that day and also each members also have a solo performance.

Your eyes have nvr leave ____oppa(your bias) when they were performing.

Next its _____Oppa(your bias) solo performance already.He is singing marry you.

How you wish that _____oppa(your bias) is singing that songs to you....If it really happen,i guess that i am the most luckily girl in the world,u were thinking to yourself.Oppa singing is just so good..^^

Time really past by very quickly,today was already the day for the SS3 concert.You were so excited even though u have already know what they will be performing later. You were given the best seat for the concert as its was specially given by your brother.

Soon the concert starts......All the lights were off and all you could see was the blue sapphire sea and also hear lots of screaming...^^

When music play and the concert began with oppa dancing to sorry sorry sorry,no others and much more songs.

Soon its was time for _____Oppa (your bias) solo stage.

♪♫♪♫♪♫♪ ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTsJiLaVbj0&feature=related ) ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

(Just imaging that this is the concert stage and your bias is singing the whole songs while the others members are dancing in the background okays...^^)

_____oppa( your bias) performance were totally awesome.Your eyes just can't stop but keep on looking at him,there others members were dancing at the back.Haha,so cute.

______oppa(your bias) side of story

Today is the day for the SS3 concert.Me and my brothers are all so nervous,hope we will do well..^^

Each of us also have a solo stage.Mine was to sings marry you while my other brother were dancing at the back.

Soon its time for my solo part.Once the music start and i got up the stage.I hear lots of screaming but i was only concentrated on find for _____(your name) among the elf.Its was quite easy for me to find her as she was siting at the vvip seat that hyung has re-serve for her.

I was only looking at ____(your name) all the time while i was singing,i just can't leave my eyes off ____(your name).I also don't why am i becoming like that.Its as if that my whole mind is just full of ____(your name).

I really hope that i can sing this song to her.... =D

Back to your story

Soon the 3 hours concert was over.All the elf headed home after an un-forgetting concert.You went to the back-stage to look for them as u guys have already planned to have dinner later at a near by restaurant .

U didn't realize that this was actually a big surprise plan by all the members as today was also your birthday but you were too concentrated on oppas concert that u have totally forgotten about it......

_____(your brother) side of story

Today is the day for our SS3 concert in seoul.Today is also another special day.Its ____(your name) birthday but its seem like she herself have forgotten about her birthday.

Since its the first time i celebrate her birthday with her after such a long time,me and my others brother decided to plan a unforgettable birthday celebration for her. But we keep it as a secret from her or else it will not be call a surprise right....haha.

Our hyung help us booked the whole restaurant which was located near our dorm.The other staff members will help us to decorate the place as we are having a rehearse in the afternoon.

Before the concert start,i send a message to _____(your name) to let her know about it.

"When the concert ended,come to the back-stage to wait for us okays. We will all go to the near by restaurant to have our dinner and also celebrate the success of the SS3 in seoul okays."

Just then i plan to let my sis(which is you) have another present for her birthday.I have kept this as a secret even since ______(your name) move in to our dorm but now i will let another person know about this secret.

Back to your story

So u went to the back-stage to look for oppas.They were all in the changing room changing their clothes so you waited quietly outside. When they are all done,one by one they come out from the changing room.Haha,you just can't stop laughing as you were thinking that they take so long just to change their clothes and didn't even wash off their make-up.

When you are done laughing,all of u get into the cars.There were 3 cars altogether cause one car is nt possible to ride all 16 people.(All the 15 members in super junior and including u)

You were stuck inside the car with your brother,others members and not to forget _____oppa(your bias)

When u were in the car,u notice that _____oppa(your bias) is thinking about something,u were wondering what he is thinking about....Hmmmmm.....

Soon u guys reach the restaurant.As all the oppa get out of the car,u were the last one to get out as u were siting at the back seat.Once you step out of the car,____(your brother) use a blindfold to cover your eyes.

"Oppa what are you doing,why u cover my eyes." U ask while your hands keep on trying to take off the blindfold but u were stop as _____(any one of the members) caught hold of my hands.

"Haha,just don't talk and follow us,u will know what happen later okays." _____(another one of the member).

"Erm.....Ne" u just follow what oppa say and follow them as u can't see what is around u with the blindfold covering your eyes,you were holding one of the members hands but u didn't know who its was.

"We are here already,u can take off the blindfold now" U suddenly hear one of the voice of the members.

When u took off the blindfold that was covering your eyes.U found out that the member that was holding your hand all the way from the car to the restaurant was _____ oppa(your bias).He gave u a smile and slowly let go of your hands.Then u notice that the whole restaurant was decorate with beautiful decoration.

Just then........a music start to play........

(Click on this link to the songs before reading the rest of the parts below)

♪♫♪♫ ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtidPY5TgVo&feature=related ) ♫♪♫♪

(So sry if this songs is nt sing by super junior)





Happy Birthday _____(your name) " All of the members sings together.

U were very shock and very touch,u have totally forget that today was your birthday already.

" Kamsahamnida oppa...^^"

Every oppa are performing something to u.

The first performance is by Leeteuk oppa,Eunhyuk oppa,Shindong oppa and kyuhyun oppa..^^

♫♪♫♪ ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp8wprAxf74 ) ♫♪♫♪

( Just imaging that the background is the restaurant )

Next all the members are performing Sorry Sorry (Remix ver.)

♫♪♫♪ ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P_M3zvZg2Y&feature=related ) ♫♪♫♪

( Just imaging that the background is the restaurant,u were the only one there and also all the 15 members are performing )

Another peformance with Sungmin oppa,Eunhyuk oppa,Kyuhyun oppa and Leeteuk oppa...^^

♫♪♫♪ ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emRNgab2iTE ) ♫♪♫♪

( Just imaging that the background is the restaurant and you were the only one there)

Another performance is by Leeteuk oppa,Eunhyuk oppa,Shindong oppa and kyuhyun oppa and Donghae oppa..^^

♫♪♫♪ ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4quFlHHKNpM ) ♫♪♫♪

( Just imaging that the background is the restaurant and you were the only one there)

The last performance SuperJunior It's You

♫♪♫♪ ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrfrytYtSRQ&feature=related ) ♫♪♫♪

( Just imaging that the background is the restaurant,u were the only one there and also all the 15 members are performing )

After watching such a interesting performance,all of u were having a yummy dinner. Then u guys headed over to the karaoke.U were all taking turn to sing a song.

Just then your phone ring,u open up and saw that u receive a message from _____oppa(your bias)

"Meet me outside okays,after i go out then u go out....^^"

_____(your brother) side of story

Still remember the part that i say that i going to share a secret with someone.Actually its not 1 ppl but 2 ppl.

Today,before i send a message to my sis(which was you) ,i went to look for _____(Your bias).

I just something that i need to tell him and if i don't tell him today on _____(your name) birthday,i will regret forever.

______(your bias) side of story

Today was a really special day,not only that today the first day and place for the SS3 tour,today was also the day when ____(your name) was born.Its was her birthday today.All of the members decide to help her celebrate her birthday after the concert.

While i was resting at the bench waiting for the others member to get ready,_____(your brother) hyung suddenly come to me.He had a very serious look on his face,its look scary and strange to me as normally hyung is a very cheerful type of person but its seem like today he change.

"_____(your bias),I have something that i need to tell u and in private." Hyung suddenly say.

"Erm....ne" So i just follow hyung to a room,he close the door and started a chat with me.

"_____(your bias),there is only 2 of us here now.I need you to answer the question that i am going to ask u now honestly okays. ______(your bias), Do u like ____(your name),my sis????"

Huh??? Erm what,how did he found out.I thought that i hide my feeling very well inside of me.How did hyung find out that i have fallen for ___(your name) already.Did i did something to make him find out. I didn't reply back to hyung question as i was too shock already.Just then hyung continues on with his talking.

"I saw everything that night....that night when ____(your name) was chosen to share the room with you. You carry her back to the room,what u say and do....i saw everything.You kiss her on her forehead right. So tell me,have u fallen for ____(your name) already.You should know right,my sis(which is you) bias in the group is you right and she have some feeling for you already even since we debut.So tell me the truth,have u have the same feeling for her????"

"Erm.....I.....I....." i really don't know what to say,should i say out my true feeling or just keep it in my heart forever.I was really very confuse at that moment but i decide to face the truth.

"I...I,Ne,i have fallen for _____(your name) already but i don't have to courage to tell her or the others members about it. Mianhae hyung "

"Haha....^^ Just as i expected. You don't have to say sorry to me.Its up to u to choose if u want to let her know about your true feelings anot but if u do,i think that will be the best present for her today.. =D" With that,hyung walk out of the room .

I was left in the room alone.I sat down and started to think just then the door open again.Its was noona.

"Why are u still doing here,the concert is going to start in 10 mins time already.Faster go and prepare yourself for the last minutes. "

So i immediately went to prepare myself.Soon the concert starts already.

Each of us a have a solo stage.Mine was to sings marry you while my other brother were dancing at the back.

Soon its time for my solo part.Once the music start and i got up the stage.I hear lots of screaming but i was only concentrated on find for _____(your name) among the elf.Its was quite easy for me to find her as she was siting at the vvip seat that hyung has re-serve for her.

I was only looking at ____(your name) all the time while i was singing,i just can't leave my eyes off ____(your name).I also don't why am i becoming like that.Its as if that my whole mind is just full of ____(your name).

I really hope that i can sing this song to her.... =D

(This part appear before in part 8)

When the concert ended,all of us went to the backstage to get change and getting ready to surprise _____(your name).While _____(your name) were waiting outside the changing room,the rest of u were planning on how to surprise her at the restaurant but its turn out that we planned it longer than we expected and when we get out of the room,_____(your name) were laughing of us as she thinks that we were changing for such a long time,how cute is that..^^

All of us went to the car-park,we gt up the car and headed to the restaurant but what was on my mind was the word that told me this afternoon.When we reach there,hyung place a blindfold over ____(your name) eyes in order to give her a surprise.I was in-charge to hold her hands and bring her to the restaurant.This is the first time i held her hands,her hands is just so warm and nice...^^ When we reach the room,_____(your name) was told to take off her blindfold .

When she open her eyes,i give her a smile and slowly let go of her hands even though i don't want to.After that all of us sang a Happy Birthday song to her and also a list of wonderful performance for her.I hope that she will likes it.

Next all of us went to the karaoke room as our manger hyung help us book that too.Everyone was taking turns to sings a songs and everyone was very happy.With the words that hyung spoke to me this afternoon,i finally decide to buck up my courage.So i send _____(your name) a message and then i went out of the room.

"Meet me outside okays,after i go out then u go out....^^"

Back to your side of story

After u finish reading the message,u saw ____oppa(your bias) walking out of the room. Just then u remember the words that oppa(your brother) have told u this morning when just wake up.


"_____(your name),i have something to tell u.You still remember the first day when u come to our dorm,that night when all of us are playing the game to find out who is the one sharing the room with u but u fell asleep even before the game ended. _____(your bias) was the one to carry you back to the room.Now i am going to tell u a secret but remember not to tell anyone about it okays??"

"Ne,i will not tell anyone."

"That night,i was worry about you sharing the room with ____oppa(your bias) so i went to your room to check on you.I hear everything that he have say to you and i even saw him kissing you on your forehead.I don't think u will remember that right??? Thats what i want to say now,i have to go eat breakfast already so faster wash up and join us okays." with the words oppa(your brother) last say,he left the room.You were left in the room all by yourself.

Just then ____oppa(your bias) come back in the room after having his bath.

"Oh,the sleepy head ___(your name) is awake already,haha. Better go wash up first okays..^^"

"Erm..ne...." and u went to wash up.

End of flash-back

You still can't believe what your Oppa(your brother) say is true.You really want to ask ___oppa(your bais) about it but you don't have the courage to ask him. Just then,u remember that ___oppa(your bias) was waiting outside for you so u get up and went out.Once u step out of the room,a hand grab you by the side.When you turn to see who its was,u found that its was ____oppa(your bias).

"What took you so long??"

"Mianhae oppa."

"I have something to tell you." The both of you say it at the same time and same pitch of tone too,haha....^^

"You go on and say before ___Oppa(your bias)"

"_____(your name) could you go out with me tomorrow?? Just the 2 of us?? Let go to the theme park,okays???"

"Huh?? erm..sure oppa,its also been a long time since i go there.I would love to go there with you tomorrow..^^"

"Thats great,then lets go out early in the morning tomorrow okays,let go out without letting the rest of the members know okay.^^ Oh ya,What is the question that you want to ask me just now??"

"Ne oppa...^^ Oh,its nothing important actually.Lets go back now okay or else they will be wondering where have we go too."


With that,both of u went back to the room.Now its the both of you turn to sing a songs.Oppa(your brother) was the one who pick the music for us.

♪♫♪♫ ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gumEzK2VuoE&feature=related ) ♪♫♪♫

When the music start,we started singing....^^

Its was very late already and we were all tiring so we decide to get home to get a rest.Back at the dorm,all the members takes turn to take a bath and get ready to sleep. Just then ___oppa(your bias) walk next to you and whisper into your ear.

"Remember the plan for tmr okay..=D"

You just can't wait to go out with ___Oppa(your bias) tmr...^^

_____(your brother) side of story

We were all singing in the karaoke room just then i notice that both ____(your bias) and ____(your name) went out of the room.As i was curious,i follow them out too.I hide behind the wall so that they will not saw me.I hear everything they say already,finally ____(your bias) is making a move already.I better tell the other members about it too .....So i quickly run back to the room without letting them know about it.I told the others member and we all decide to get them a surprise tomorrow.Just then,the both of them came back to the room.Its was their turn to sing already so i purposely chosen that songs for them to sing.Both of them fit the song perfectly.......

"Wake up sleepy head ____(your name),Its morning already.Let go out before the others wake up."

"Huh??? Erm.....Ne oppa" you drag yourself out of bed even though you really feel like sleeping again but you want to go out with ____Oppa more so you force yourself to be awake to enjoy today...^^

The both of you went out of the house without wanting the others member to know but you didn't notice that actually all the members woke up earlier than the both of u just to spy the both of u that are going out together....^^

Since its still 7am in the morning,the both of you took the 1 hours bus to reach to the theme park that the both fall asleep in the bus.Lucky ____Oppa(your bias) wake up just in time to call you up to get off the bus or else the both of you miss the stop already.You guys went to have some breakfast at the cafe before heading off to play.Just then you notice that there were not ppl around.You were wondering if you guys have gone there too early.

Soon,the both of u went to play some game,____Oppa(your bias) won a soft toy at one of the game store and gave it too you..^^

The both of you were having fun at the theme park until you didn't realize that it was going to be 6pm soon.The both of you took the last ride and its was the best ride ever.It was the hot ait-balloon.While riding in the hot air balloon,you notice a hair-style that look so much like Oppa(your brother) hiding behind the one that you and ____Oppa(your bias) are taking.

"____Oppa(your bias),did you notice that my oppa and the others members are following us???"

"Haha,Ne,I saw ____(any one of the members) just now already but i just didn't tell you about you.Mianhae...""

"Oh,nevermind,its okay oppa."

" Say ______(your name),I have something that i always wanted to tell you."

"Whats is it oppa??."

"_____(your name),i...........i..............."

"_____(your name),i...........i............... would one to bring you to somewhere later....Erm.....is it okay with you??"

"Erm.....ne oppa...^^" You were wondering where would ___Oppa (your bias) is going to bring you too.

_____Oppa(your bias) side of story.....

I have finally buck up my courage to tell her but when i want to tell her how i really feel,i suddenly remember one place.I would really want to bring her there so i decide to tell her how i really feels in my heart there.

Back to your side of story....

Soon the hot air balloon ride was over and we get out of the it and we headed off to another location that oppa say he wants to bring you there.The others members were still follow the both of you at the back. The both of you waited for the public bus to arrive and got on it.

"It will take about a 1 and a half hours to reach there so if you are tired already u can rest on my shoulder...^^"

"Ne,kamsahamnida oppa." and you fall asleep after saying......

Time past by.............

Just then you hear sound made by the wave of the ocean.you slowly open your eyes and you found that you are at the beach.

"Oh,you are wake already...^^ did you have a good sleep???"

"How did we end up here oppa???"

"Oh that...."

_____Oppa(your bias) side of story.....

Soon we reach the stop,we i turn over to see ___(your name), she was still sleeping,its look like she is very tired already and i don't wish to wake her up so i carry her out of the bus to the bench.She just look so cute when she is sleeping...^^

Back to your side of story....

Oppa told me everything,so he was carrying me all the time just now but you were still very curious why are you guys here so you decide to ask instead.

"Why are we here oppa???"

"To see the sun rise....^^ just in 10....9....8...7.....6..5..4..3..2...1.....0........ Look over there."

So you turn to the direction that ___Oppa(your bias) is looking too.U saw a ray of the rising sun.Its just so beautiful.

"You know.....i use to come here with my parents everyday when i was small to see the sun rising but once i grow older,we stop coming here to see the sun rise.The first time when i come here,i still to fall in love with this place and once made a promise to myself that is when i am older...i will bring a person that means a lot to me here to watch the sun rise with me again.Today i have made my promise of bringing the person who means the most to me here. ______(Your name) would you go out with me???"

Huh??? erm what oppa is saying?? U were thinking in your heart when oppa started to speak again.

"I don't know why but you are the only girl who touch my heart after my omma and sister(if your bias has a younger or older sister).I think i have fallen for you already ever since the first time i meet you outside the door. I don't know why but when i saw you for the first time,my heart already started to beat fast every time i saw you.I don't know why but i felt like protecting you forever. Haha,i am a bit shy to say this but do you still remember the time when we are chosen to buy the ice-cream.I lost the game on purpose just become i want to go down to buy the ice-cream with you.I know that its already very late in the night and i don't want the others members to go and brought it with you .Haha,you might think that i am always happy but actually i am not but the time that i spend with you are always the most happiest time in my life so ____(Your name) would you please go out with me and be my girlfriend??"

You were totally shock after hearing it.____Oppa(your bias) did so many things just because he want to be with you . You suddenly think that what your oppa(your brother) say to you that day on your birthday is true.

Flashback of the words just in case you have forgotten about it.

"_____(your name),i have something to tell u.You still remember the first day when u come to our dorm,that night when all of us are playing the game to find out who is the one sharing the room with u but u fell asleep even before the game ended. _____(your bias) was the one to carry you back to the room.Now i am going to tell u a secret but remember not to tell anyone about it okays??"

"Ne,i will not tell anyone."

"That night,i was worry about you sharing the room with ____oppa(your bias) so i went to your room to check on you.I hear everything that he have say to you and i even saw him kissing you on your forehead.I don't think u will remember that right??? Thats what i want to say now,i have to go eat breakfast already so faster wash up and join us okays."

End of flashback

You felt really very happy,you thought that you are dreaming that ___oppa(your bias) had say that he have fallen for you.You try to reply him but then you found that your voice suddenly is gone because you were just too overwhelming about it.........

"I guess you don't like me right,nevermind i will understand..... =( ..."

"Aniyo oppa." your voice suddenly return back to you already." i didn't say anything because i am just too happy about it already oppa and of course i will go out with you...^^ That what i have been dreaming of ever since you guys debut. "

"Jinja???? you are am saying this just to make me happy right??"

"Haha,ne. Of course not....haha.."

Just then ___Oppa(your bias) suddenly pull you close to him and hug you tightly..... you were blushing about it but hope that he will never let go...after a while,he let you go.

"Oppa,i have something to ask you."

"What things is it??"

"Oppa(your brother) once told me that the first day that i move in to the house and share the room with you.....that night.....oppa(your brother) say that he saw you kiss me.....Erm.....is that true....??"

"Aishhhh.......hyung promise to keep that from you but i guess he have told you about it already.Ne,its true."

"Ahh....i see...^^" you say with a smile on your face and the both of you started to stare at each other in the eyes. Suddenly ____Oppa(your bias) started to move closer to you.................

Your brother side of the story....

All of the members were following them for the whole day but i guess we didn't hide ourselves well and have gotten caught red-handed by _____(your bias). Just then i receive a phone call by ______(Your bias).

"Hyung,we already found out that you guys are following us already so no point following us anymore but i need your help to help me do something.Can you do it for me???"

"Ne,we can do that for you." and after that i ended the call.I wonder why would him want us to help him custom some fireworks..........

Back to your side of story

Suddenly ____Oppa(your bias) started to move closer to you,closer and closer he get and suddenly you felt that something touches your lip.Its is ____Oppa(your bias) lip.His lip is just so soft and warm and slowly he broke the kiss.Just then,there was a loud noise coming from the sky and the both of you saw fireworks thats is in the shape of a heart.Just then you a fireworks that wrote...."Saranghae _____(your name)". You were totally shock and you were also very happy inside your heart and have gone speaks less.

"Gomawo for accepting my love for you,i promise i will protect you forever and never let you get hurt....^^" just as he finally,he lean down and gave you another kiss on your lip.You were blushing on your face and hope that this is not a dream......

The next day...........

"Eh....where am i....oh ya i am back to the dorm already i guess.Hope what happen yesterday wasn't a dream...." You were speaking to yourself.

"Haha,of course its not a dream you sleepy head..^^" and after saying that ____(your bias) bend down and gave you a morning kiss.

"Haha,now i think you better go wash up and go out to enjoy some breakfast with us.We all decide to go to the near-by restaurant to have our break-fast so hurried up okay..^^"

Its was not long before you were done dressing yourself and all of you headed out to eat your breakfast.Its was the same amount of cars as always so that it could fit 16 person.(All 15 members of super junior and you.)

Just then your phone sounded,you dig out your phone from your bag and notice that it was your ahpa on the other line.

"Yoboseyo,______(your name). Me and your omma have something to tell you......"

Monday, November 8, 2010

06 November 2010

Hari Sabtu lepas adalah besday mak saya yg ke-50 thn....dan jgk anniversary Super Junior yg ke-5....tah knp tibe2 rasa nk beli kek n celebrate..heheheh..unplanning even...;) kami pun g ler Tesco Ampang tuk beli kek....konon2 nk cari kek warne biru....tp kek perisa mocca x de warna biru...tibai jer ar ambk warna cokelat....mintak lah kat amoi tu nak tulisan warna biru...pun x de gak...ermmmm....redha jer ar....akhirnyer beli jer ar kek tu....huhuhuhu....ni ler gambar kek tu...layannnn jer ar....:p

Makanan tambahannnnnn.....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



PETUA DARI Dr. Fatimah Az-Zahra

Ustazah menurunkan petua untuk kaum ibu menjaga diri agar sentiasa jadi macam 'abqaro' menurut ayat di dalam Surah al-Waqiah.

('Abqaro' ini bermaksud perawan yang sentiasa menjadi perawan) Ayat ini elok untuk diamalkan setiap hari oleh kaum ibu untuk menjaga kesihatan luar dan dalam.

Caranya: Lepas solat Isya', ambil air segelas, baca Al-Fatihah sekali, Ayatul Qursi sekali dan Surah Al-Waqiah ayat 35-38 sebanyak 7 kali. Tiup dalam air dan minum. Niat dlm hati utk menjaga kecantikan diri & utk kebahagiaan rumahtangga.

Makna surah Al-Waqiah ayat 35-38:

(56.35) Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan isteri-isteri mereka dengan ciptaan istimewa,
56.36) Serta Kami jadikan mereka sentiasa dara (yang tidak pernah disentuh),
(56.37) Yang tetap mencintai jodohnya, serta yang sebaya umurnya,
(56.38) (Semuanya itu disediakan) bagi puak kanan.

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Love Message...

so touching....will sungmin give a same message to only me? impossible right...its just a dream...huhuhuh....I hope one day it become true when someone come to me n say..."Aifa, hanya awak yg saya sayang"...i'll be waiting for u my dear.....:)

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Lailatul Qadar.....

Bersemangatlah di 10 hari terakhir di BULAN RAMADHAN.....

Sepertiga terakhir bulan Ramadhan adalah saat-saat yang penuh dengan kebaikan dan keutamaan serta pahala yang melimpah. Di dalamnya terdapat malam yang lebih baik dari 1,000 bulan. Suri tauladan kita Nabi saw dahulu bersungguh-sungguh untuk menghidupkan 10 hari terakhir tersebut dengan amalan melebihi waktu-waktu lainnya. Sebagaimana yang dikatakan Aisyah r.a, "Rasulullah saw sangat bersungguh-sungguh pada 10 hari terakhir dari bulan Ramadhan melebihi kesungguhan baginda di waktu yang lainnya." (HR Muslim)

Aisyah r.a juga mengatakan, "Apabila Nabi saw memasuki 10 hari terakhir (bulan Ramadhan), baginda mengencangkan sarungnya (untuk menjauhi para isteri baginda) menghidupkan malam-malam tersebut dan membangunkan keluarganya." (HR Bukhari dan Muslim)


Diantara kemuliaan tersebut adalah Allah mensifatinya dengan amalan yang penuh keberkahan. Allah SWT berfirman yang ertinya, "Sesungguhnya Kami menurunkannya (AL-QURAN) pada suatu malam yang diberkahi dan sesungguhnya Kami lah yang memberi peringatan. Pada malam itu dijelaskan segala urusan yang penuh hikmah." (QS. Ad Dukhan : 3-4)

Sebagaimana juga yang difirmankan Allah dalam surah Al-Qadr. Allah berfirman yang ertinya, " Sesungguhnya Kami telah menurunkannya (Al-Quran) pada malam kemuliaan." (QS. Al Qadar : 1)

Keberkatan dan kemuliaan yang dimaksud disebutkan dalam ayat selanjutnya yang ertinya, "Malam kemuliaan itu lebih baik dari 1,000 bulan. Pada malam itu turun malaikat-malaikat dan malaikat Jibril dengan izin Tuhannya untuk mengatur segala urusan. Malam itu penuh kesejahteraan sampai terbit fajar." (QS. Al Qadar : 3-5)


Lailatul Qadar terjadi pada 10 malam terakhir di bulan Ramadhan sebagaimana sabda Nabi saw, "Carilah Lailatul Qadar pada 10 malam terakhir di bulan Ramadhan." (HR Bukhari)

Terjadinya Lailatul Qadar di malam-malam ganjil lebih memungkinkan daripada malam-malam genap sebagaiman hadith dari Ibnu Umar r.a Nabi saw bersabda, "Carilah Lailatul Qadar di 10 malam terakhir namun, jika ia ditimpa keletihan, maka janganlah ia dikalahkan pada 7 malam yang tersisa." (HR Muslim)

Dan yang memilih pendapat bahawa malam Lailatul Qadar pada malam ke 27 sebagaimana ditegaskan oleh Ubay bin Ka'ab r.a. Namun, pendapat yang paling kuat dari berbagai pendapat yang ada sebagaimana dikatakan Ibnu Hajar dalam Fathul Baari bahawa Lailatul Qadar terjadi pada malam ganjil dari 10 malam terakhir dan waktunya berpindah-pindah dari tahun ke tahun. Hal ini tergantung kehendak dan hikmah Allah SWT. Rasulullah saw bersabda, "Carilah Lailatul Qadar di 10 malam terakhir dari bulan Ramadhan pada 9, 7 dan 5 malam yang tersisa." (HR Bukhari)

Hikmah Allah menyembunyikan pengetahuan tentang terjadinya malam Lailatul Qadar diantaranya adalah agar terbedakan antara orang yang bersungguh-sungguh untuk mencari malam tersebut dengan orang yang malas. Ini kerana orang yang benar-benar ingin mendapatkan sesuatu tentu akan bersungguh-sungguh dalam mencarinya. Hal ini juga sebagai rahmat Allah agar hamba memperbanyakkan amalan pada hari-hari tersebut, dengan demikian mereka semakin bertambah dekat denganNya dan akan memperoleh pahala yang amat banyak. Semoga Allah mempermudahkan kita memperoleh malam yang penuh keberkahan itu.


Memperbanyakkan doa pada malam Lailatul Qadar sangatlah dianjurkan. Doa yang dianjurkan Nabi saw sebagaimana terdapat dalam hadith dari Aisyah r.a berkata, "Katakanlah padaku wahai Rasulullah, apa pendapatmu jika aku mengetahui suatu malam Lailatul Qadar. Apa yang aku katakan di dalamnya? Baginda menjawab, "Katakanlah Allahumma innaka 'affuwwun tuhibbul 'afwa fa'fu'anni (ertinya: "Ya Allah, sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pemaaf lagi Maha Mulia yang menyukai permintaan maaf, maafkanlah aku.") (HR Tirmidzi dan Ibnu Majah. Dikatakan shahih oleh Syaikh Al Albani. Lihat Ash Shohihah)


1. Udara dan angin terasa tenang. Sebagaimana dari Ibnu Abbas r.a Rasulullah saw bersabda,
"Lailatul Qadar adalah malam yang penuh kelembutan, cerah, tidak begitu panas, juga
tidak begitu dingin, pada pagi hari matahari bersinar lemah dan nampak kemerah-
merahan." (HR Ath Thoyalis. Haytsami mengatakan periwayatnya adalah tsiqoh/terpercaya);

2. Malaikat menurunkan ketenangan sehinggan manusia merasakan ketenangan tersebut dan
merasakan kelazatan dalam beribadah yang tidak dapat pada hari-hari yang lain;

3. Manusia dapat melihat malam mini dalam mimpinya sebagaimana pernah terjadi pada
sebahagian sahabat; dan

4. Matahari akan terbit pada pada pagi hari dalam keadaan cerah, jernih, tidak ada sinar. Dari
Abi bin Ka'ab bahawa Rasulullah saw bersabda yang ertinya, "Subuh hari dari malam
Lailatul Qadar matahari terbir tanpa sinar, seolah-olah mirip bejana hinggan matahari
itu naik." (HR Muslim) (Lihat Shohih Fiqh Sunnah II / 149 - 150)

[Sumber : buletin dakwat at Tauhid, 12 Ramadhan 1429 / 12 September 2008]
[copied from sadat weblog]

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bisikan Kalbu.....

Persoalan demi persoalan memanggil nun jauh di sudut kalbu.....
Semakin jiwa dilanda gelora sang penanti.....
Resah dan gelisah tidak dapat dibendung.....
Hanya kekosongan jua kesepian ku rasai menghuni hati.....

Dimanakah kan ku temui pemilik cintaku setelah Engkau dan Rasul Mu.....
Dimanakah kan ku temui pemilik hatiku yang telah tertulis sejak azali.....
Dimanakah kan ku temui penghujung resah ini.....

Mungkinkah dia masih terbelenggu di negaranya.....
Mungkinkah dia masih belum bertemu jalan mencariku.....
Ya Allah, bilakah kan kutemui jawapan bagi persoalan-persoalan ini.....

Andainya kau temui sinar yang ku nanti.....
Sudikah dikongsi bersama sebagai teman mahupun kekasih.....
Aku akan menanti dan terus menanti akan dirimu.....

Sabar! Sabar! Sabarlah wahai kalbu.....
Mungkin esok, mungkin lusa, mungkin tulat.....
Kau akan bertemu sinar yang dinanti.....
Yang bisa menyuluh jalan gelitamu.....
Yang bisa memimpin tanganmu menuju redha Ilahi.....
Sesungguhnya Dia Maha Mengetahui yang tersurat dan tersirat.....

Dikala ini hanya hembusan doa yang mampu ku layangkan.....
Semoga dirimu disinar bahagia.....
Semoga kita disatukan dalam rahmatNya.....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Dihantar Oleh : Im Koyube*
Editor : naadherah

“Ustaz, saya dan tunang saya sudah hampir ke tarikh pernikahan kami. Tetapi tunang saya telah secara mendadak memutuskan pertunangan kami. Beliau bermimpi melihat seorang perempuan lain dan setelah beristikharah, beliau yakin perempuan itu adalah pilihan sebenarnya kerana ia muncul dengan petunjuk Allah. Bagaimana pandangan ustaz? Saya dan keluarga saya serta keluarga tunang saya sangat terkilan. Apakah benar saya sudah dikeluarkan daripada petunjuk Allah? Di mana silap saya, ustaz?”

Sepucuk emel dihantar kepada saya.

Beristighfar dan mengurut dada.

Percaya atau tidak, gejala ini semakin menjadi-jadi.

Malah di kalangan pelajar universiti, Istikharah semakin popular di dalam trend yang tersendiri. Ia diamalkan bagi ‘memaksa’ Allah membuat pilihan untuk mereka. Berbekalkan kejadian persekitaran atau mimpi yang disangka petunjuk, kadang-kadang ‘pilihan Allah’ itu adalah tunang orang, suami orang, malah ada juga isteri orang. Bertindak atas nama ‘petunjuk Allah’, tercetus permusuhan sesama anak Adam.

Apakah Allah, atau Syaitan yang memberikan ‘petunjuk’ penuh mudarat dan zalim itu?


Penyakit besar yang melanda anak-anak muda terbabit ialah beribadah tanpa ilmu. Mereka melaksanakan Solat Istikharah berdasarkan saranan rakan-rakan yang juga melakukannya atas saranan kawan-kawan yang lain. Berapa ramaikah yang membuka kitab Fiqh atau belajar mengenai Solat itu dan ibadah yang lain melalui para ustaz dan alim ulama’?

Keadaan ini menjadi lebih bermasalah apabila ada pula agamawan yang mengesyorkan panduan-panduan yang tidak berdasarkan keterangan al-Quran dan al-Sunnah malah diajar pula kaifiyat yang sangat membuka ruang manipulasi Syaitan dalam mengaburi pertimbangan anak Adam.

Mengira huruf tertentu di dalam Surah, menyelak secara rawak mushaf dan mencari petunjuk di muka surat yang terbuka, juga paling banyak meniti di minda ialah menanti mimpi yang menjawab permintaan.

Ia mengingatkan saya kepada pandangan Sheikh Saleem bin Eid al-Hilali di dalam kitab Bahjah al-Nadzireen syarah kepada Riyadh al-Sholiheen:

“Ada sesetengah orang berpendapat, “sesudah mengerjakan solat serta Doa Istikharah, akan muncullah nanti petunjuk dalam mimpinya, maka dia akan memilih sebagaimana yang ditunjukkan oleh mimpinya itu” Justeru ada sesetengah orang berwudhu’ dan kemudian melakukan Solat serta Doa Istikharah dan terus tidur (dengan meletakkan harapan petunjuk datang melalui mimpi), malah ada juga mereka yang sengaja memakai pakaian berwarna putih kerana mengharapkan mimpi yang baik. Semua ini hakikatnya adalah prasangka manusia yang tidak berasas”

Menjadi satu keperluan yang sangat penting untuk kita kembali kepada maksud asal Solat Istikharah.

Istikharah itu bermaksud meminta bantuan daripada Allah untuk seseorang itu memilih di antara beberapa kemungkinan yang diharuskan oleh Syara’. Ada pun pilihan yang berada antara manfaat dan mudarat, apatah lagi Halal dan Haram hatta Makruh, maka tidak harus untuk Istikharah dilakukan kerana tindakan yang sepatutnya diambil sangat jelas iaitu pada meninggal dan menghindarkan pilihan yang tidak baik itu.

Sabda Rasulullah sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam :

Hadith yang dikeluarkan oleh al-Bukhari di dalam Sahihnya dengan sanadnya daripada Jabir radhiyallaahu ‘anhuma, beliau berkata

Daripada Nabi sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam Baginda bersabda:

Apabila sesiapa daripada kalangan kamu diberatkan oleh sesuatu maka hendaklah dia Rukuk dengan dua Rukuk (mengerjakan Solat dua rakaat) yang selain daripada Solat yang Fardhu
(yakni mengerjakan Solat dua Rakaat dengan niat Istikharah).

Kemudian hendaklah dia berdoa: Ya Allah, aku beristikharahkan Engkau dengan ilmu-Mu dan aku juga memohon ketetapan dengan ketetapan yang bersandarkan kurniaan-Mu yang Maha Agung. Engkaulah yang Maha Menetapkan sedangkan aku tidak mampu untuk menetapkan. Engkau Maha Mengetahui dan aku pula tidak mengetahui. Engkaulah yang Maha Mengetahui akan perkara-perkara yang tersembunyi. Ya Allah, jika pada ilmu-Mu sesungguhnya urusan ini – harus disebut hajat tersebut atau cukup sekadar meniatkannya kerana Allah Maha Mengetahui akan hajat itu – adalah baik untukku pada agama, kehidupan dan kesudahan urusanku (kini dan datang), maka tetapkanlah ia untukku dan mudahkanlah ia bagiku. Kemudian berkatilah bagiku di dalam pilihan ini. Dan andaikata pada ilmu-Mu sesungguhnya hal ini adalah buruk bagiku pada agama, kehidupan dan kesudahan urusanku (kini dan akan datang), maka hindarkanlah ia daripadaku dan hindarkanlah aku daripadanya. Tetapkanlah bagiku kebaikan dan jadikanlah aku redha dengannya.


Istikharah itu mempunyai gandingan yang memberi tambahan kemudahan. Ia dikenali sebagai Istisyarah.

Istisyarah ini bermaksud meminta pendapat mereka yang boleh dipercayai untuk membantu seseorang itu membuat keputusan.

Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah rahimahullah pernah berkata:

“Tidak akan menyesal seorang yang beristikharah kepada al-Khaliq (Allah) serta bermesyuarat dengan para Makhluq, serta tetap pendirian dalam keputusannya”

Biar pun para Ulama berselisih pendapat tentang mana yang patut didahulukan antara Istisyarah dan Istikharah, ia tidak menjejaskan bahagian yang perlu dimainkan oleh seorang manusia dalam proses dirinya membuat keputusan. Sebelum sampai kepada pertimbangan memilih antara dua kebaikan, seseorang yang berhajat itu mestilah mempunyai asas dalam penilaiannya agar pilihan yang ada di depan matanya adalah antara dua perkara yang harus serta sama baik. Sudah tentu, hal ini juga memerlukan dirinya untuk mengambil bahagian dengan berusaha.

Setelah beristikharah, namun hati masih berada di dalam ketidak pastian, harus baginya untuk mengulangi Solat dan Doa Istikharah itu hingga beroleh ketetapan hati dalam membuat keputusan. Di samping itu juga, dia dianjurkan beristisyarah, yakni meminta pendapat individu-individu yang dipercayai integriti dan kemahirannya dalam urusan tersebut, agar keputusan boleh dibuat.

Titik pentingnya ialah, keputusan hendaklah kita yang berhajat itu melakukannya dan bukan menyerahkan kepada Allah untuk membuat keputusan itu dan menampakkanya melalui petanda-petanda yang dicari. Di sinilah ruang untuk fitnah berlaku apabila dalam suasana hidup kita yang dibelenggu oleh pelbagai maksiat serta Iman yang teruji, kita membuka suatu ruang kosong untuk dicelah oleh tipu helah Syaitan.

Tambahan pula dalam keadaan jiwa anak muda yang selalu lemah untuk menolak kehendak diri dan sering terdorong mengikut kemahuan. Jiwanya tidak bulat meminta kepada Allah, sebaliknya bermain helah untuk mengharapkan Allah menyokong kecenderungan dirinya sendiri.

Berhentilah mencari mimpi.

Berhentilah menunggu petanda.

Beristikharah memanggil kebersamaan Allah dalam keputusan yang kita buat. Kita yang membuat keputusan itu, dengan keyakinan hasil Istikharah, bahawa keputusan yang kita buat itu adalah dengan kebersamaan Allah. Jika di kemudian hari, pada pilihan yang dibuat itu, datang mehnah yang menguji kehidupan, kita tidak akan berfikiran negatif malah berusaha untuk mencari sisi-sisi positif pada apa yang berlaku kerana keputusan yang dibuat dahulu itu adalah dengan kelengkapan Syariatullah (Istikharah) serta Sunnatullah (Istisyarah – Ikhtiar Usaha).

Pertimbangkanlah… seandainya pilihan yang disangkakan petunjuk daripada Allah itu mencetuskan mudarat, permusuhan, meninggalkan yang afdhal dan mengambil yang mafdhul… berhati-hatilah.

Ia mungkin mainan Syaitan.

“Sebahagian (daripada umat manusia) diberi hidayah petunjuk oleh Allah (dengan diberi taufiq untuk beriman dan beramal soleh); dan sebahagian lagi (yang ingkar) berhaklah mereka ditimpa kesesatan (dengan pilihan mereka sendiri), kerana sesungguhnya mereka telah menjadikan syaitan-syaitan itu pemimpin-pemimpin (yang ditaati) selain Allah. serta mereka pula menyangka, bahawa mereka berada di dalam petunjuk hidayah”
[Al-Aa'raaf 7: 30]


1. Hindarkan diri daripada kesukaran menetapkan pendirian dalam kehidupan.
Was-was adalah permainan Syaitan dan penyakit jiwa yang mengundang bahaya.
2. Dalam hal-hal yang tiada keraguan dalam membuat pilihan keputusan, ia tidak berhajatkan
kepada Istikharah.
3. Ketika berdepan dengan pilihan yang sukar ditentukan, gunakan pertimbangan diri untuk
melihat buruk baiknya.
4. Jika jelas mudarat atau sudah ditentukan Haram hukumnya, maka tidak harus beristikharah.
5. Pada perkara yang sukar untuk dibuat keputusan, beristikharahlah kepada Allah mengikut kaifiyat
Solat Istikharah dan Doa yang Ma’thur daripada Rasulullah sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.
6. Istikharah boleh diulang beberapa kali hingga beroleh ketetapan hati untuk membuat keputusan.
7. Di samping itu juga beristisyarahlah dengan meminta pandangan pihak yang boleh
dipercayai kewibawaannya.
8. Petunjuk daripada Allah ialah kemampuan hati untuk tetap pendirian membuat keputusan.
9. Hindarilah perbuatan menunggu mimpi atau petanda berbentuk isyarat kerana ia sangat terbuka
kepada belitan Iblis.
10. Jauhi Bid’ah dan Syirik.
11. Setelah keputusan dibuat, bertawakkallah kepada Allah dan tenang dengan keputusan itu.
12. Seandainya timbul cabaran atau muncul sisi kekurangan pada pilihan yang dipilih,
tiada fikiran negatif muncul kerana yakin adanya hikmah dan kebaikan daripada Allah.
13. Istikharah terbuka kepada apa sahaja urusan kehidupan yang berada di dalam ruang lingkup
keharusan Syara’ dan salah jika hanya dilihat sebagai mekanisme jodoh.
14. Rujuklah kitab-kitab Fiqh serta panduan Sunnah dalam urusan Istikharah serta ibadah-ibadah yang lain.
15. Melakukan ibadah dengan hanya berpandukan hearsay adalah pintu kebinasaan dalam beragama.

*Artikel asal bertajuk "Fitnah Petunjuk Istikharah" dari www.saifulislam.com

Jawapan di persimpangan......

~ Hadirnya kau wahai kasih menerbitkan kembali rasa2 yg telah lama hilang ~ aku bukanlah permata pujaan ~ aku hanya wanita biasa yg punya rasa cinta dan sayang ~ aku ikhlas menyanyangimu ~ aku tertaut akan kesederhanaanmu ~ aku tertaut akan senyumanmu ~ adakah kau jua merasakan apa yg kurasakan??? ~ berilah jawapanmu wahai kekasih agar ku bisa hidup dalam ketenangan ~ hadirlah kasih hadirlah dikau dalam hidupku ~

Ya Allah, jika benar 'dia' terbaik buat diriku, agamaku, keluargaku, duniaku, akhiratku dan seluruh muslimin dan muslimat, kau satukanlah hati kami, kau tautkanlah kasih sayang di antara kami agar bisa kami melayari bahtera rahmatMu...Namun, andai selainnya yg lebih baik buat diriku, agamaku, keluargaku, duniaku, akhiratku dan seluruh muslimin dan muslimat,Engkau berikanlah yg lain itu buatku dan redhakanlah hati ini seikhlas-ikhlasnya dalam menerima ketentuanMU...Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Mengetahui segala isi hatiku...Hanya padaMu ku bermohon......

Cinta itu cahaya sanubari
Kurniaan Tuhan
Fitrah insani
Di mana terciptanya cinta
Di situ rindu bermula
Cinta itu tidak pernah meminta
Tetapi memberi sepenuh rela....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hati ini......

ermmmm....tak tau aper nk tulis sebenarnya....cuma tah kenapa hatiku bermunge-munge.....just nk nyanyi lagu ni jer....layanzzzz jer la ek.....:)

Oh Tuhan,
Seandainya telah Engkau catatkan dia milikku tercipta utk diriku
Satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku
Titipkanlah kebahagiaan

Ya Allah
Ku mohon apa yg telah Kau takdirkan
Ku harap dia adalah yg terbaik buat diriku
Kerana Engkau tahu segala isi hatiku
Peliharaku dari kemurkaanMu

Ya Tuhanku Yang Maha Pemurah
Beri kekuatan jua harapan
Membina diri yg lesu tak bermaya
Semaikan setulus kasih dijiwa

Ku pasrah kepada Mu
Kurniakanlah aku pasangan yg beriman bisa menemani aku
Supaya ku dan dia dapat melayar bahtera ke muara cinta yg Engkau redhai

Oh Tuhan
Seandai dia............SATUKANLAH

Ya Tuhanku Yang Maha Pengasih
Engkau sahaja pemeliharaku
Dengarkan rintihan hambaMu ini
Jangan Engkau biarkan ku sendiri

Agar ku bisa bahagia walau tanopa bersamanya
Gantikanlah yg hilang, tumbuhkan yg telah patah
Ku inginkan bahagia di dunia dan akhirat
PadaMu Tuhan ku mohon segala.......

Sememangnya ku seringkali menunggu
Oh renunganmu bagai memanah di kalbu
Ku bertanya siapa gerangannya
Dan kini ku menanti kau bersuara
Tidak mungkin aku yg memulakannya dulu

Jika engkau cuba mengerti apa yg tersirat di hati
Apa lagi perlu kau ragu ku milikmu
Cubalah engkau menghayati isyarat cinta yg diberi
Jika dirimu tahu ku milikmu

Jangan nanti debarku kian berakhir
Menunggumu berubah pula nanti hatiku
Yg ku mahu dirimu mendekatiku
Kemaskan langkahmu atur bicaramu
manisnya aku rasa andai bersama

Jika engkau cuba mengerti apa yg tersirat di hati
Apa lagi perlu kau ragu ku milikmu
Cubalah engkau menghayati isyarat cinta yg diberi
Jika dirimu tahu ku milikmu

Walaupun diriku sering sahaja diganggu, dipujuk, dirayu
Hanya kau difikiranku
Dirimu yg ku nantikan

Jika engkau cuba mengerti apa yg tersirat di hati
Apa lagi perlu kau ragu ku milikmu
Cubalah engkau menghayati isyarat cinta yg diberi
Jika dirimu tahu ku milikmu

Bukan tak tahu tajamnya duri
Si akar semalu bercabang-cabang
Bukan tak mahu mencari ganti
Parut luka lalu terpandang-pandang

Pergi tak disuruh
Datang tak diminta
Andai sudah jodoh insyaAllah

Jenuh sudah meratap mencari sireh
Mencari sireh bertemu urat
Jenuhlah sudah menantikan kekasih
Kekasih setia sepanjang hayat

Sekacipan pinang secubitan gambir
Sehelai sireh dicalit kapur
Sedap di pandangan manisnya dibibir
Apalah kasih andai tak jujur

Mencari senyum manis
Di mana menanti
Di hati sudi
Di sana mencari
Kasih bersulam
Rindu mendalam
Jiwa merasa

Tak tahan menanti lagi
Di sini bermimpi
Di mana mencari
Di titik bertemu
Dan akan bahagia
Hidup bersama selama-lamanya

Bertemu mata memandang
Jatuh hati pandang pertama
Berdebar jantung tertawan
Mengidamkan kasih dan sayang

Menjeling, menjeling, menjeling
Senyuman hati tergoda
Mengerdip, mengerdip, mengerdip
Mata bermain di sukma

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ahlan wa sahlan ya Rejab

- Rejab ertinya 'mulia'. Bulan Rejab bulan mulia, dinamakan demikian kerana Bangsa Arab dahulu sgt memuliakan bulan ini.

- Bulan berlakunya Israk dan Mikraj Rasulullah SAW.

- Ibadah yg dianjurkan:
(a) Membaca doa awal Rejab
yg bermaksud, "Wahai Allah! Berkatilah kami di dalam bulan Rejab dan Syaaban
dan sampaikanlah kami ke dalam bulan Ramadhan."
*sangat mustajab berdoa pd waktu mlm pertama bulan Rejab.

(b) Mengerjakan puasa sunat Rejab

(c) Melaksanakan solat sunat Rejab
* solat sunat awal Rejab
* malam 15 atau pertengahan Rejab
* malam 30 atau akhir Rejab
* solat sunat Rejab malam Jumaat

(d) beristighfar

(e) berzikir, bertasbih, berselawat

p/s selamat beramal!!! :)

~ by Muhamad Fathullah ~
(Amalan Istimewa Ramadhan, Syawal, Rejab, Syaaban, Muharam, Zulhijjah)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hari yg sedih.....

Tanggal 9 Jun 2010 (Rabu)...berlakunya sesuatu yg menyedihkan aku...

Hadirnya dirimu amat ku hargai
Hadirnya dirimu amat bermakna buatku
Hadirnya dirimu memberi sinar baru dalam hidupku
Aku ikhlas menyanyangi dirimu
Janganlah kau meminta lebih
Kerna ku tak mampu membenarkannya

Bukan aku tidak sayang
Bukan aku tidak suka
Aku tidak sanggup melukai hatimu
Aku tidak sanggup melihat kau bersedih
Aku tidak mahu mengulangi kesilapan lalu

Maafkan aku
Kerna ku tidak mengetahui bahawa hari ini
Mengingatkan kau kpd kenangan silam
Kenangan yg menyakitkan
Dan hari ini juga
Hari ini juga ku melukai mu
Maafkan diriku wahai teman

Keadaan memaksa aku mengatakannya
Keadaan memaksa aku meluahkan sejujur hatiku

Biarlah waktu yg menentukan
Biarlah suratan yg berbicara
Apa yg akan berlaku seterusnya
Jika sudah tertulis di Luh Mahfus
Aku milikmu
Aku tetap milikmu

Bukan pengharapan yg kulayangkan
Bukan anganan ku lemparkan
Ia hanya sebuah kemungkinan

Datangnya tidak disuruh
Perginya tidak di minta
Jika sudah jodoh

Maafkan aku teman
Semoga kau bertemu si pemilik hatimu


Friday, June 4, 2010

rahsia hati.....

kadang2 aku terfikir...cerewetkah aku? baik sgt kah aku? salahkah aku inginkan yg terbaik? ermmmm tah la...hanya Allah sahaja yang memahami apa yg kita inginkan tidak insan lain...hanya DIA yang Maha Mengetahui apa yg terbaik buat diri kita.....

aku inginkan something new in my life...aku ingin berhijrah...namun, aku perlukan sokongan...kenapa mereka tidak boleh memahaminya...salahkah aku mengimpikan baitul muslim yg penuh dgn mawaddah warahmah? tahlah...masih adakah peluangku untuk merealisasikan impian ini...hanya Allah sahaja yg Maha Mengetahui...

Ya Allah,
Jika apa yg ku impikan ini yg terbaik disisiMu, yg terbaik buat agamaku, diriku, keluargaku dan seluruh muslimin dan muslimat, perkenankanlah ia...sesungguhnya hanya pada Engkau aku memohon...Amin ya rabbal alamin.....

my cousin wedding....

lamer dh den tak update blog ni...x tau nk update per...last week, pada 28, 29 & 30 Mei yg lalu...telah terbinanya sebuah lagi masjid dalam keluargaku....penat gak ler jd penanggah but heppy...apa yg penting???? kerja sama...hheeeheh...biler ade kenduri kendara ni...masa tu la br kiter dpt jumpa ahli2 keluarga yg lamer x jumpe...bkn selalu jumpe kan....masa ni ler dpt berkumpul....hehehehe.....ape2pun aku doakan semoga rumahtangga mereka dirahmati Allah dan berkekalan hingga ke AKHIR HAYAT.....:) biler la gaknyer masjid aku sendiri akan terbina??? errmmmmm...aku pun x de jwpn tuk soalan aku sendiri....just tgk jer ar gmbr ni.....

Monday, May 24, 2010


Sabtu lepas dan lepas akhirnya dapat gak makan cup cakes n big apple yg lamer dh x makan...bestnyerrrr....alhamdulillah...nyum..nyum....:)